Buy New Authentic

We’ve all heard the stories… you know, the ones where circuit breakers turn into exploding grenades and cause major damage or worse yet, injury. The ESA and RCMP get involved and then the lawsuits start rolling… and you’re glad that your company had nothing to do with the transaction. In today’s highly competitive market, industry competitors are aiming to “brickwall” their customer’s loyalty through satisfying as wide of a range of needs as possible. So how do you, as a respected distributor, protect yourself while still being able to satisfy your customers who are looking for “off brand” circuit breakers?

With Dealer Source it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Exclusively New

    Since our inception over a decade ago we have only ever sold new product – No Used, No Refurbished, No Panel Pullouts. The minute that new products are stored with used products the risk of cross-contamination arises. Is that “new” breaker really new? At Dealer Source it is new … EVERYTIME!

  2. Transparent

    There are many companies in this industry that constantly make seemingly unbelievable claims. We all know that talk is cheap. At Dealer Source we back up our claims. When we say we have over 250,000 new breakers in stock across several brands we mean it, and we prove it by inviting you by to tour our warehouse. If your current supplier won’t let you in their warehouse, or worse yet they don’t actually have their own warehouse, you need a new supplier… WITH NOTHING TO HIDE!

  3. Insured

    Is your current supplier insured? Not the insurance that pays if you “slip and fall” on the premises. Not the insurance or warranty provided to replace a defective breaker. But, rather Product Liability Insurance that protects against potential injury or property damage caused by any defective merchandise sold. If your current supplier isn’t insured then they’re likely to fold up their business like a tent if you ever have a significant claim. That leaves your company holding the bag and the burden to resolve matters. Dealer Source has extensive product liability insurance coverage protecting you from the threat of injury and property damage caused by any potential defective merchandise sold. When you turn to Dealer Source for product supply you can have PEACE OF MIND!