Combating Counterfeit

Over the last several years there have been increasing concerns surrounding counterfeit circuit breakers. All counterfeit is a problem, but counterfeit circuit breakers are a very big problem. Not only do they infringe on and injure the value of the respective manufacturer’s brand, but most importantly they put people and property into harm’s way. At Dealer Source we are wholeheartedly aligned with manufacturers in their concern about counterfeit circuit breakers.

Rarely does a distributor or contractor knowingly buy a counterfeit circuit breaker. Counterfeit breakers make their way into the distribution chain when buyers are unable to quickly locate authentic breakers at reasonable prices. Buyers often then feel they have little choice but to turn to alternative, sometimes questionable, sources to procure the product they require to satisfy their customer.

Although well intended, the traditional strategy of tightening up access to authentic breakers to combat counterfeit has drastically backfired and has in fact fuelled an environment for counterfeit breakers to thrive. To combat this growing problem in Canada, Dealer Source believes there are 3 A’s required to truly fight counterfeit:

Authentic • Affordable • Available

When new only, authentic breakers are affordable and quickly available the prevalence of counterfeit breakers drops significantly. That’s what we’re about at Dealer Source – New Only • Aggressively Priced • In Stock. When you support Dealer Source you are helping to fight counterfeit.