Dealer Source

Dealer Source is Canada’s Leading Speciality Distributor
of “Need-It-Now” Circuit Breakers & Critical Power Components.

Dealer Source was founded in 2001 with a strict commitment to providing only new products exclusively to electrical distributors. Since then, Dealer Source has proudly become Canada’s preeminent stocking provider of brand-new circuit breakers and critical power components. With two distribution warehouses in Canada (Toronto & Vancouver), Dealer Source enables electrical distributors from East coast to West, exclusive and rapid access to the major OEM brands. Today, resulting from unapparelled service and product standards, Dealer Source serves the majority of Canada’s small independent, mid-sized and large corporate chain distributors.

Whether you desire to stock all the major brands of shelf good circuit breakers for your customer’s replacement needs, or you have an urgent “Need-It-Now” demand for a large moulded case breaker, Dealer Source is a supply chain partner trusted throughout the electrical industry.

With Canada’s largest inventory and superior technical expertise, we are uniquely positioned to provide a consolidated solution that best meets your needs.

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Why Choose Dealer Source?

As a supply chain partner, Dealer Source is unique among
all other circuit breaker providers across Canada.



  • We serve electrical distributors exclusively.
  • We sell new product only.
  • We have Canada’s largest inventory of circuit breakers and related electrical products across brands.
  • We offer same day shipping from our two distribution facilities in Canada (Toronto and Vancouver) and are supported by 11 additional warehouse locations in the United States.
  • We have “real time” inventory confirmation via our robust ERP system which is integrated across 13 stocked warehouse locations.
  • We maintain a $25 million dollar product liability insurance policy.
  • We provide industry leading technical support across all major brands.
  • We have “no minimum” order size and offer $200 prepaid shipping to most locations across Canada.
  • We extend a two year comprehensive warranty on all product sold.

What Makes Us Different?


It takes a

Knowing where your product is originating from is of critical importance to your business. Dealer Source’s strict and disciplined approach to purchasing products directly from manufacturers or through approved distributors ensures the consistent provision of only new, authentic and CSA listed products for the Canadian market. Dealer Source does not purchase surplus product from electrical contractors or end-users. Dealer Source maintains a $25 million dollar liability insurance policy.

Fill Rate


With Dealer Source as your partner you will cut costs, increase revenue and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Dealer Source provides Canada’s best order fill rate allowing you to save significant time and money by consolidating your breaker and critical power product purchases with one vendor. Owning Canada’s largest breadth and depth of inventory of new circuit breakers across brands enables Dealer Source to satisfy your broad order requirements, from 15 amp to 2000 amp moulded case circuit breakers, from our stock.


Attention is
in the detail

Dealer Source’s staff possess multiple decades of combined industry experience and strong service orientation, giving you immediate answers on product availability and technical questions. Dealer Source provides distributors exclusively across Canada with exceptional product turnaround time and accuracy on all orders placed.

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Same Day

across Canada from our two
geographically strategic locations
in Toronto and Vancouver.

The manufacturer brands that we provide to distributors include:







Federal Pioneer

General Electric



Schneider Electric


Square D